19 Best Car Commercials From The 80s & 90s You Totally Forgot About

80's & 90's automotive nostalgia is hot right now. These are the cars that we lusted after in high school, now we can afford them, with an exception of a few. This era brings back the good times, being free and careless. We've compiled a the best vintage car commercials from this era we think are cool, yes some are super cheesy 😂.

Datsun 10th Anniversary 280ZX Black Gold!

All I have have to say is that guy's stash is amazing along with those epic tunes.   


MK1 GTI Commercial

I had a MK1 GTI, it was blast. I never got a chance to jump it but they sure make it look fun.  


Audi Quattro: Original Ski Jump Commercial

It climbs a ski jump, a freakin ski jump!!

Lexus LS400 - Champagne Glasses

The Lexus LS400 gave the Europeans a run for their money back in the day.  In fact this car is still bulletproof with Matt Farah's example pushing a million miles!

Toyota "Oh What a Feeling"


Camaro Commercial

"Take a curve, grab a gear, run it strong.  Freedom's here!"


VW Corrado G60 Commercial

Arguably one of the best looking VW's made, we still want one.


Nissan: Enjoy The Ride

This kid stumbles up one of the sickest vintage Nissan collection owned by this old guy in a magical place. 

"Any car can get you where you need to go.  A special car gets you there with a smile on your face."

Nissan 300ZX Twin Turbo Commercial.

This thing beats a fighter jet when the twin turbos kick in, what's not to love?

Porsche 944 Turbo Commercial

With a 0-60 of 5.7 Seconds, this thing could take Ferraris & Vettes back in the day. 

"Ride Pontiac Ride" 1988

Big hair, neon lights, and synth pop music.  What more can you ask for? 

IMSA Bud Light Commercial

The Ramones, Bud Light and IMSA race cars 👊


1996 Nissan 300ZX 

Barbie, Ken and Van Halen, You Really Got Me!

Volvo 740 / 760 commercial

Full send off a four story building and it keep rolling! Back when Volvo had an identity. 

Volkswagen Golf Commercial

I was hesitant to post this one as it was beyond played out beyond belief.  You just might remember this campaign with these two dudes rolling around in a MK3 Golf. 

90s Subaru WRX Commercial 

We did't get the early WRX in the US but we still think this is rad

Subaru XT Commercial

My buddy had one of thsee in high school, it was really weird and looked like a door stop. But it was cool, really cool.

1993 Toyota Supra Commercial

We wanted one, still do however these old Supras are now $$$.

80's Ford Mustang Commercial

Mustang cops were the guys you feared the most back in the day. I got pulled over by more than one of them.
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